Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Precious Pixie Bobs


The Pixie Bob is a fairly new breed of cat and originated out of Washington State. Spring of 1985 found Carol Ann Brewer purchasing a polydactyl male kitten from the Mt. Baker area. The kitten had a very short tail. In Jan. of the next year Carol adopted another male cat. This was a very big cat (weighing over 17 lbs.) that also had a short tail...supposedly he mated with a neighboring wild looking spotted female cat. From the litter that was produced Carol kept one of the kittens, and started her own breeding program.


This is a domesticated cat bred to look like the North American Bobcat. This is a large cat and they can reach weights of over 18 lbs. Usually the pads of their paws are black along with the tips of their ears, and their lips. They have a tiger/tabby like appearance with more reddish tones. Usually short haired and they have green eyes when mature. Tail should only be 2 to 4 in. long.


Very smart, brazen, but social as well getting along and even playing with other animals in the home. They have a language all their own and don't really meow, but rather make a chirping noise. They like to be with their owners and its not uncommon for your Pixie Bob Cat to follow you from room to room. They can be taught to fetch like the family dog, they will give you affectionate head butts. They can be trained to walk on a lead with a harness not unlike the canines in the home.